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This is the collection that inspired me to take an active role in NFT art creation, and I add items to it every time I do a secondary illustration of CryptoMaids and CryptoButlers.
(I follow the CryptoMaids&Butlers guidelines for secondary works. )

Some of the illustrations have been made into T-shirts and other goods, so be sure to check out the store!

This is an everyday 4-frame comic about CryptoMaids&Butlers.
English and Japanese versions of each story have been produced and are available at OpenSea and tofuNFT.

At the same time as adding the new episodes, I picked up four impressive "faces" from within the comic and created four different PFPs, which I am giving away to those who purchased the comic.
If you want it, please contact me via Twitter or other means within 24 hours after the comic purchase.
( The remaining PFPs will be available to the public when the comic is sold out or the next episode is released )

For those who have the comic or PFP, I am offering a pre-release of the new episodes and more on Discord.

From October 2021
( End date and time will follow CryptoMaids guidelines. )

Oct. 2021 : "Rita (birthday of 2021)" wins at birthday celebration event.
Oct. 2021 : "Let's play ball (comic)" wins the fan art contest.
Dec. 2021 : Moved some of the items to the "So round, So cute!" collection.
Jan. 2022 : "Celebrate me!! - Jean Henstridge" wins at birthday celebration event.
Feb. 2022 : Serialization of the 4-frame comic "Maids Daily Life" begins.
Feb. 2022 : "Maids Daily Life #3 Twin Sisters" wins at birthday celebration event.
May. 2022 : "Maids Daily Life #7 In the Hole." wins at birthday celebration event.
June. 2022 : "Rita mochi-mochi" is now the official Discord stamp of CryptoMaids.
July. 2022 : Maid Warrior Gacha project launched!
July. 2022 : "Knead cheek" collection launched!
Aug. 2022 : "Knead cheek" rebooted as "Nigiyakashi".