on Astar / ERC721
Generative, Collectible

This is a not-for-sale NFT collection distributed as a benefit for attending the online event "NFT Meetup!".
It is generated by adding different treasures and partners for each event, based on the 135,520 patterns of generative art already generated.
Stay tuned to see which pattern gets minted after each event!

(As of 4/4/2022, items not listed will not be displayed due tofuNFT specifications)

Not for sale.
I just hand them out.

Some parts in this art are derivative work of the following projects.

Feb. 2022 : "NFT Meetup!" held.
Apr. 2022 : "NFT Meetup! 2" held.
Aug. 2022 : "NFT Meetup! 3" has been canceled.